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You Trained For This

You spent a great deal of time, effort, and money to do one essential thing. Provide service to Medical Providers. And, they need you! Why not serve them on your terms, with your passion, and earn what you are worth doing it?


The videos here illustrate the need. And, our registrants have the ability to get access to similar videos to use as their own for marketing, training, and other needs.

This CMS Video shows just one way we help registrants succeed by finding opportunity.

To earn $150,000 annually, you need to earn just $3,000 in each state (average). 

We help you reach that goal!

20 audits a day,

4 days a week

50 weeks a year

$25 per audit

$100,00020 X 4 X 50 X 25 = 100,000

If you work 40 hours a week and have 2 weeks vacation you are working  2,000 hours a year

Did we mention that the above model is 1,600 hours a year?

If calculated as hourly earnings, this is the difference between $30 / hour and $62.50 / hour

The range of services that Providers need and that you can provide are limited only by your ability to identify them. We help with that because we have been at it a long time.

Help Your Peers

There are approximately half a million Professionals in Medical Coding related roles. Even the most experienced need additional training and skills updates.

Don’t suffer from “imposter syndrome”. You do not need to be expert in everything to facilitate training. The production of training materials for redistribution is in fact quite common and done daily by your certifying organization.

Your school teachers didn’t write the textbooks they taught from. Not every sports coach played at the level of Professional Athlete.  Simply providing value and quality can be rewarding, even if you did not necessarily author the content.

5 hours a week can generate over $100,000 in income.

Jef Bezos of Amazon said “Your margin is my opportunity”

Others charge hundreds of dollars for highly sought after practice exercises.

Provide quality and value and their margin is your opportunity.

Our registrants have the option to select from a range of chart inventory, if they need more then they can create on their own.

With a half a million Medical Coders (more coming in to the profession all the time) and a myriad of specialties, skill updates are in high demand. Our registrants can access an inventory of high quality modules to brand as their own and make significant income.

Between Coders and Providers, access to 104 videos per year for registrants. 

Want to make $100,000 a year with just a few hours work each week?

Earning just $961 per video will meet the goal. That is less than $20 per video in each state. 

We show you how!

Most of all

You Need You!

For about the cost of a dinner out, you can be empowered with an inventory of options.


Prove It To Yourself

Zero Risk


You get:

  • Your choice of one of 4 presentations
  • Web Domain w/ email
  • Delivery platform
  • and guidance

Promote your presentation and keep what you earn.

Develops confidence, skills, and real world results


Do you ever work that “coveted” overtime?

Using the chart above, one (even at higher pay rates) could earn far greater using that time to get the most of those hours.

Many come to understand that one hour of effort can create income from multiple sources and over an extended period.

Many also understand that a per unit compensation structure can make the most of one’s time.

For example, conducting an audit for a fixed rate and perhaps 2 or 3 (or more audits can be accomplished in an hour). Few employers will say “Well, you did extra work that hour so we will pay you extra!” No, that was not the agreement when they hired you. And, renegotiation is unlikely.

30 Days – 30 Ways includes:

  • 30 distinct concepts (see calendar)
  • Complete mentoring and support for one year
  • Dozens of courses and resources to develop proficiencies
  • Outlines for each concept with essentials for success
  • Prove It To Yourself Risk Free Real World Practical Experience Builder


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