AAOMCP seeks superior visionary individuals to assume the role of Vice President in the following capacities:

  • Vice President of Operations
  • Vice President of Membership
  • Vice President of Technology
  • Vice President of Business Services
  • Vice President of Compliance
  • Vice President of Industry Relations

Are you experienced or ready to undertake one of the above roles at the top of the leadership hierarchy to continue to build the most efficient and most effective professional organization in the industry?

We are currently seeking the absolutely incomparable and committed leaders to achieve the goal of emerging s the preeminent professional organization in the field. In fact, to be a model for other organizations if other fields to follow.

A deep and intimate understanding of existing organizations and the opportunities for surpassing the value to ths industry innovative and progressive fashion.

Restoring topline value to Professionals as the means to a succesful bottom line is the precept our future leaders must embrace. Understanding the state of current organizations and the vision to reconstitute service, exccellence, and distinction is the objective.

Restoring the sentiment of pride and a bond of mutual loyalty and trust through abundant value that is conspicuously absent in the field should be your driving passion.

Interested Leaders that share this vision are encouraged to contact AAOMCP at careers@aaomcp.com with the Subject line VP Candidate and a detailed cover letter communicating your understanding of the:

  • Current state
  • Outline of areas of opportunity
  • Summary of action plans
  • Distinguishing traits of excellence
  • 3 unwaivering milestones to be achieved

We are committed to reinventing the value and service to Professionals in the healthcare space. Are you?

Our existing leadership is looking forward to meeting with the most compelling visionaries without delay.

Our Editorial Board Staff is responsible for developing. organizing, and delivering content for distribution to membership via print and electronic mediums.

Experience,accuracy, and vision are the foundation of the position to bring current and relevant industry related publication to membership.

Part Time and Full Time opportunities up to $50.00 / hour.

Interested candidates may email

As a member of the Conferment Board, this position is responsible for assuring that credentials offered by AAOMCP are the Platinum Standard in the industry. Development and maintenance of the most vigorous, meaningful, and appropriate substance to represent competence and mastery by members is the critical function of this role.

Setting and maintaining the Platinum Standard of excellence in the industry with pride and commitment is the core responsibility of this role.

Part Time and Full Time opportunities up to $50.00 an hour are available.

Interested candidates may email


Strong commitment to ethics, virtue, regulatory awareness and adherence internally and externally is the criteria for this critcal role. Development and maintenance of standards and guidelines including transparency, conduct, transactions, and best practices for all stakeholders is the work product.

Part Time and Full Time Positions up to $65 an hour are considered.

 Interested candidates may email

The entire industry operates on the foundation of 3 Code Sets and a deep volume of Guidelines and Processes. As such, in order to provide members with access to the most current, accurate, and useful information for the strength of the profession, AAOMCP maintains the most dynamic range of Subject Matter Experts available.

Expertise in the following knowledge segments are sought:

  • Procedures – Surgey
  • Procedures – Radiology
  • Procedures – Lab and Pathology
  • Procedures – Medical Modalities and Interventions
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Reimbursement
  • Quality and Value Based Care

Bring your dedication and experience to AAOMCP to be an industry influencer

Part Time and Full Time positions up to $50 an hour

Interested candidates may email

Facilitating the advancment of careers is the pivotal and rewarding influence of this role. Working with staff from other departments such as Content Professionals, Member Services, Editorial, and Conferment Board members, our Professional Development Advisors assure that resources to advance the careers of members are provided. Innovation, design, and delivery of the most valuable and effective career resources to members is the deliverable. The embodiment and commitment to value and excellence are the values and traits for success in this role.

Part Time and Full Time opportunities up to $50.00 / hour.

Interested candidates may email

Assuring the needs of membership are met with confidence, competence, punctuality, and the highest level of satisfaction are the substance of the role of Member Service Advocates.

Responsibilities include promptly receiving and reviewing member requests and concerns and acting with the highest level of commitment to achieving resolution with Member Satisfaction as the highest priority. 

Advocates are empowered with autonomy as well as an escalation structure to assure that each need is addressed to the highest degree.

Part Time and Full Time positions up to $50 an hour

Interested candidates may email


Assisting healthcare consumers to navigate the complex world of medical bills and the hardships that may develop.


An annual service to help healthcare consumers understand and navigate a broad range of healthcare challenges.


Providing high value services to medical practices nationwide.


Providing Expert On Demand Medical Coding Services to Medical Providers.


Developing the Next Generation of Professionals in the Industry.

AAOMCP is always interested in accomplished professionals to join our team.

We offer Full Time, Part Time, and 1099 Contract positions.We also offer paid and unpaid internships.


For those that are seeking to develop their full potential. We offer competitive compensation, health benefits, advancement, and more.

Extra Income and Flexibility

For those that seek to earn while maintaining flexibility we offer great earning options with consistent work on your time line.


Contract work is a great option for specialists, vendors, and others that want more control over their goals and professional portfolio.

For review and consideration of your experience and resume, please email us at: