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Superior Credentials

Without Losing Recognition For Those You Have Already Earned

Emeritus ( -E) designation awarded when earning a corresponding conferment

Master of Medical Coding

Master of Risk Adjustment

Master of Medical Auditing

Master of Medical Billing

Master of Clinical Documentation

Master of Quality Measures

Master Provider Educator

Master Inpatient Coder

re·in·vent –  change (something) so much that it appears to be entirely new

Placing MEMBER at the FRONT of MEMBERSHIP where it blongs


7 days a week / 365 days a year


LIVE Instructor Access Always Included

Comprehensive Career Resources

Direct Access to National Recruiters through the AAOMCP Member Portal

National Coalition of Healthcare Recruiters Job Listings

Recruiting In Reverse – AAOMCP Staff facilitates Member Career Search

Practice Pre-Employment Tests

Other Benefits

Superior Conferment Credentials

Specialty Endorsements

Professional Skills Learning Resources

Industry Leading Subject Matter Expert Presentations

Experience Development Opportunities

Extensive Tools and Resources

Less Fees

More Resources

Greater Opportunity

Unmatched Benefit


Others charge over $200 a year with little in return.

  • Fake Discounts (That are supposed to be a “Benefit” of the $200 Annual Fee)
  • False Salary Statistics
  • False Success Claims
  • Public Records indicate in “financial distress” and with one previous bankruptcy

Interested in the details on any of these? Visit our Fact Check page


Others charge thousands for “courses”

  • No instructor
  • No forum for questions
  • Simply slide presentations
  • Swelled with “Filler Content”

Our programs provide

  • Superior content
  • LIVE Instructors 365 days a year
  • Tools and Resources
  • Practice Charts
  • and more

For a fraction of the others cost and if an Annual Member, all training is included


Whether it is the purchase of individual content as needed or full Membership that includes all content and courses for a single fee that is far less than a single course with others, we provide value. We do not gouge for profits that are funneled to a single billionaire. That is not what we believe the goal of Proessional Develeopments should be.


In the lower right corner of this and each page on our site is a a chat option. This is not a “bot”. This connects to live experienced  staff.

Any question , any time.

In fact, we even assist non-members. Though, Members of course have priority.

Questions can be asked 24/7 and 365.