The world is in the midst of a health crisis of which the impact cannot yet be measured. In recent history, the HIV/AIDS pandemic took 36 million lives. A Flu pandemic in 1968 took 1 million lives and an Asian Flu pandemic a decade before in 1958 took 2 million lives. The 1918 Flu pandemic claimed as many as 50 million.  Polio, Cholera, Bubonic Plague pandemics at various points in history have also each taken lives totaling in the tens of millions as well.

As such, we hope that each person takes every precaution they can to stay healthy and uninfected. From hygiene precautions to avoiding close personal contact, perhaps this chapter in history will be one of victory over disease. Perhaps history will reflect a world united, lessons learned from history applied, medical advancements, and the ability to communicate that was simply unavailable in previous eras.

Of course, our industry is a key player in the crisis and that will bring a stream of guidance and change to our vocation. Certainly, it is hoped that this page can be removed just as soon as possible, however until then it will be maintained to provide the guidance necessary for health information management professionals to carry out the roles of the profession during this critical period. 

Please find available resources and updates under this menu and do not hesitate to bring any useful resources to our attention to share with all. Also, qualifying registered users may take advantage of support tickets with any questions or needs.

Please stay healthy and take care of yourselves, your loved ones, and your communities.