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AAOMCP (American Association of Medical Coding Professionals) frequently has the ability to offer paid or unpaid externship opportunities.

These externships offer experience and exposure to a wide range of facets to the Medical Billing and Coding field. Successful completion of an externship will result in access to professional reference, documentation in letter from of skills, qualifications, experience, aptitude, and other information useful in job search pursuits.

Externships may incorporate a wide range of duties and may at times involve tasks that are not direct coding. This must be understood before applying for an externship. Tasks may be related to business operations, training, content, communications with external organizations such as medical providers. These tasks may be necessary to create and maintain ample coding related activity.

To be eligible for an externship, the applicant must be able to devote a minimum 10 hours a week to the externship commitment.  Up to 30 hours per week.

The applicant must provide a committed schedule of their availability. This means, the days and hours that the extern commits to are quite flexible however it is expected that the schedule the extern provides will be reliably adhered to.

An externship should be undertaken by those looking for such an opportunity with the same dedication, diligence, and respect as an employment opportunity. Failure to do so will result in termination of the externship and AAOMCP will not be able to provide the benefit of references and documentation of experience. Externships take considerable resources to provide and this should be understood and treated as employment would be. The goal of an extern is presumably to gain experience and verifiable references, thus the extern shall strive towards demonstrating positive employment characteristics.

In some cases, externs may become eligible for hire by AAOMCP. At all times, AAOMCP will be actively attempting to identify employment opportunities for successful externs.

Those interested in externships may complete the Extern Eligibility form.

Internships are based on availability and may be paid or unpaid. Internships are available exclusively to AAOMCP members. AAOMCP does not guarantee placement in an internship.