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Just $100 and receive $100 in Dining Rewards to use at thousands of restaurants!

Our Platinum Standard Program Details

Begin with the foundation of Risk Adjustment and its core principles of Predictive Modeling and application

Understand Medicare and its parts including Medicare Advantage to build a solid foundation for advancing your Risk Adjustment Knowledge

Gain complete mastery of Hierarchical Condition Categories and how this structure is applied to Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage to provide the core concepts for other Risk Adjustment models

Using the mastery of the Medicare HCC Model, master the concepts of this model structured on many of the same concepts. Learn the variances of this model from its parent model

Expand your understanding of Risk Adjustment concepts to gain understanding of how Risk Adjustment is applied to Medicaid in over 35 states

Learn or review Coding Guidelines that are essential for accuracy in Risk Adjustment with ICD-10 CM

Risk Adjustment is not simply code assignment. There are unique standards and requirements to be applied in Risk Adjustment as these may vary by model

The foundation of virtually all processes in healthcare rely on the foundation of complete, accurate, and sound clinical documentation. Develop firm analysis and abstraction skills in clinical documentation

All Risk Adjustment models have governmental oversight which logically corealates to regulatory oversight. Master understanding of regulations that govern Risk Adjustment

Auditing assures accuracy and compliance at every level. From the work of an individual to the overall compliance of organizations. Master essential knowledge the various types of audits and the impact they have on Risk Adjustment

The evolution of healthcare has brought to the forefront the importance of quality in healthcare delivery. The primary objective and measure of quality is outcomes. To this end there are a universe of measures to assure quality and  many of these are incorporated into Risk Adjustment

In Risk Adjustment their are many stakeholders as in the overall system of healthcare. At the core of every heathcare encounter are the teo most critical stakeholders, patient and medical provider. Understand the role of medical providers in the Risk Adjustment methodology

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Just $100 and receive $100 in Dining Rewards to use at thousands of restaurants!