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Dear Idaho Medical Coding Professionals,


We recently celebrated the first day of spring with snow, wind, rain and temperatures 15 degrees colder than the last week of winter. Welcome to Idaho! If you don’t like the weather, give it an hour, it will change.

As your AAOMCP Idaho State Ambassador the two words I’m focusing on for the month of April are celebrate and change.

There is much to celebrate this season. We are coming out of a global pandemic that has wrought havoc on our lives, livelihoods, economy, and lifestyle. The State of Idaho has kept a more moderate approach to restrictions and has come through strong. This along with steadily increasing numbers of people getting vaccinated is indeed worthy of celebration. The return of our beloved hummingbirds is something I celebrate personally.

Spring brings so many miraculous changes to Idaho!


Changes abound at AAOMCP also. You will soon see AAOMCP Ambassadors for each of the 50 states. As for Idaho, I want to hit the ground running.

First and foremost, I am here to serve you. I do this by making myself available through this site. Your questions, suggestions, and input will provide leverage for growth. Is there an area of your specialty that you would like to see addressed in a future symposium? Do you know a subject matter expert that we could all benefit from interacting with? Introduce them to AAOMCP!


Please look closely at the value packed benefits offered through membership in AAOMCP and begin to share these with your colleagues, employers, and hiring managers.

We will be developing an FAQ section for obtaining quick answers to, you guessed it, FAQs.


I wish you and yours a healthy, happy spring!





Here you will find educational content and resources to be sure that you remain at the top of your career.

Local Hospital offers EPIC Training (This is a sample)


Memorial Hospital will provide training on EPIC on April 1, 2021 at 10:00 AM. Spaces are limited. Member fee is $15  Non Members are $45

XYZ Health Plan to offer EDS Proficiency Seminar (This is a Sample)

XYZ Health Plan recognizes that a key to reducing costs in the indistry is efficiency. Claims denials and other redundancies add unnecessary and wasteful expense that everyone absorbs. This FREE seminar is focused on bringing maximum efficiency and financially sound processes to all stakeholders as well as healthcare consumers.


Here events of broad interest might be posted. From COVID19 Vaccination sites to other HIM Organizations symposiums and even good cause support such as Breast and other cancer awareness events.

Changing the Dynamics of Domestic Violence St. Luke's VIRTUAL EVENT

Join Advocates staff Darrel Harris, Monica Reyna, Jennifer Rangel and Cleo Muller in this discussion about the dynamics of domestic violence, how to help a friend or loved one, and how we all can help prevent domestic violence in our communities.

Can We Stop Our Own Suffering? St. Luke's VIRTUAL EVENT

Human suffering is something we all experience; in fact, it’s an unavoidable part of life. However, suffering is often caused through our expectations, perspectives, mindsets and interactions with ourselves and others.

Ben Wagner, licensed clinical professional counselor, will explain how these ingrained habits and patterns keep us attached to suffering and negative experiences that can keep fueling the state of suffering. He will also discuss how simple changes we make in our lives can help us stop causing our own suffering.

The Joy of Movement: Online Teams St. Luke's VIRTUAL EVENT

Unfortunately, many people have developed negative associations with physical activity that stem from past unpleasant experiences. In this class, participants will learn how and why humans can learn to enjoy physical activity as well as strategies to make their practice of physical activity more enjoyable. The class is based on the book of the same name, written by Dr. Kelly McGonigal, and is taught by psychologist Kyle Davis.

AHIMA Regional Conference

The Regional Confernece held by AHIMA for this region will be from xx/xx/2021 to xx/xx/2021 at the Marriott in Centerville.


Here you will find news items that may be useful in your Professional pursuits.

Idaho COVID-19 Vaccination Information

IDAHO’S COVID-19 Vaccine Pre-Registration System

National Kidney Month Bingham Memorial Hospital

Since March is designated as National Kidney Month to raise awareness about the prevention and early detection of kidney disease, we would like to provide you with some useful information on how to help and support a loved one facing this life-changing illness.

Kids and Battery Safety Bingham Memorial Hospital

Each year in the United States, more than 2,800 kids are treated in emergency rooms after swallowing button batteries. That’s one child every three hours. The number of serious injuries or deaths as a result of button batteries has increased ninefold in the last decade.

Member Insights


Here, every Member has a voice. This is where you can share with your local colleagues what is on your mind. In addition, there are also Member forums for virtually any topic.

Our office is wearing Pink Scrubs in October in observation of Breast Cancer Awareness

I hope that other offices will do the same in unity to beat this disease.

Did you know that XYZ Health Plan provides accuracy incentives?

Our office received a check for $30,000 for being in the top 2% in accuracy in 2020 for documentation and coding. If we had been in the top .05% it would have been $100,000. Guess what our goal for 2021 is?

Our hospital is implementing a new EMR and Billing system and will need some extra help!

In August 2021 our hospital is transitioning from Bean Counter to Blazing EMR. These transitions always create disruption and our HIM and Finance Departments are proactively preparing. They will want per diem help in off hours to help cover some of the anticipated backlogs. Need Billers, Coders, Data Entry, and Charge Posters. If interested email HIM Direct Iam Incharge at for more details.

Jobs and Opportunity

The latest LOCAL opportunities.

St. Luke’s Health System is seeking a Coder 3
St. Luke’s Health System is seeking a Coder 3 to join our team!   
Fully remote position but must have a physical address in Idaho or
St. Luke’s Health System in Boise is seeking an experienced Coder 1
St. Luke’s Health System in Boise is seeking an experienced Coder 1 to
join our team!  Physician Services Department Will move to remote
position after training.  Flexible shift between 6am-6pm, 5 days a week.
Trauma Registry Coder St. Luke’s Health System in Boise

Trauma Registry Coder

St. Luke’s Health System in Boise is seeking a Coder to join our
Outpatient Coding team in Pediatric Surgery.  Position Summary St.
Luke’s Pediatric Surgery program would like to seek Children’s Surgery
Verification (CSV) through the American College of Surgeons (ACS).  Data
abstraction is a required element for this verification process.  Under
limited supervision, Coder is responsible for reviewing applicable
documentation and assigning appropriate procedure and diagnosis codes.
St. Luke’s Health System in Boise is seeking an Associate Coder
St. Luke’s Health System in Boise is seeking an Associate Coder to join
our medical outpatient coding team.  Under close supervision, the
Associate Coder is responsible for reviewing applicable documentation
and assigning appropriate procedure and diagnosis codes.

Coding Auditor/Trainer I Coeur d’Alene

Kootenai Clinic Coding Auditor/Trainer I

Position is responsible for reviewing provider documentation following regulatory and provider guidelines, and educating and training coding staff and/or providers on the clinical coding audit functions and regulatory requirements.


Coder Blackfoot, ID

Bingham Memorial Hospital

We are looking for highly motivated team players to join our ever growing team here at Bingham. You must be willing and able to learn new skills and adapt to change often, as the medical field is ever changing. You must have good communication skills and be detail oriented. We have multiple providers of all specialties. If you are looking for a rewarding and fulfilling career and enjoy fast paced environments this will be a good fit for you.



The Idaho State Meeting occurs on the First Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM Mountain Time.

April 2021 State Meeting Recording

Link to video will be here after the meeting has occurred.


State specific useful resources would be available here. Those of national interest would be on the National Page.

Idaho No Balance Billing Protections SOON TO CHANGE

Idaho currently has no Balance Billing Protections in pkace for healthcare consumers. However, the No Surprises Act passed in late December 2020 and signed into law by the President will soon change that.

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