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Software and Applications

Learning content in a variety of applications widely used in professional workplaces

Microsoft Office

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Workplace Relations

Human Resources! At the heart of every organization are the poeple that collectively make up the whole. WIth that comes interactions that carry potential for conflict. From gender to culture, the differences tht make us all unique can present stress, alienation, violation of individual liberty, and more. Here we hope to share resources to assure that all members of organizations are aware and vigilant of the many dangers in Professional interactions and how to navigate in healthy and compliant ways.

Introduction to Diversity and Diversity Management

Unconscious bias: Stereotypical hiring practices

From Difference to Distance: Rethinking Diversity and Inclusion

Process Improvement

The saying goes there is always room for improvement. Every true Professional continually seeks to be a better Professional. Elevating effectiveness, adapting to change, and operating at the highest level of achievement is the engine of success. Here we share content that we have compiled and reviewed for the quality of its content. We hope it helps you!

The Basics of Good Project Management

Best Practices in Project Management: Coping with Conflict