All of the following Professional Development Courses are included with Membership. More are added regularly.

Business Innovation Communication Skills Applied
    The Power of Analysis     Managing Up
    Being Resourceful     Emotional Literacy
    Dealing with Uncertainty     Managing Anger
    Problem-Solving     Assertive Communication
    Thinking Logically     The Art of Storytelling
    Driving Innovation     Tone of Voice
    Being Adaptable     Interpreting Body Language
    Critical Observation     Using Body Language
    Creative Thinking     Communicating under Stress
    The 7 Skills of Critical Thinking     Email Etiquette
Emotional Intelligence Cybersecurity
    Creativity and EQ     Information Security
    Collaboration and Developing EQ in Teams     PCI DSS (Payment Card Compliance)
    Conflict Management Using EQ     Data Breaches
    Improving your EQ     Data Protection
    Social Skills     GDPR
    Emotional Intelligence: Empathy     Identity Theft
    Emotional Intelligence: Motivation     Security and Compliance Audits
    Self-Regulation     Internet of Things Attacks
    Self-Awareness     Social Engineering
    What is EQ?     Phishing and Anti-Spam Software
    Network Security and Cloud Computing
Presentation Skills     The Risks of Ransomware
    Becoming a Master Orator     Keeping Your Mobile Safe
    The Art of Breathing     Keeping Your Data Safe
    Power Posing     The Danger of Viruses and Malware
    Using Positive Visualization     The Power of a Strong Password
    Dealing with Nerves
    Setting up for Successful Presentations Data Analysis
    Structuring your Presentations     Report Writing: The Power of Visuals
    Presenting with Power: Hints and Tips     The Stages of Report Writing: Investigating, Planning, Writing and Revising
    What Makes a Good Presentation?     The Basics of Business Writing
    Presentations and The Magic of Stories     Developing Research Skills
    The 5 Cs of Report Writing
Leadership Essentials     Data Ownership
    Being Brave     Visualizing Data
    Being Confident     The Power of Big Data
    Making Decisions     Data Literacy
    Taking Accountability
    Inspiring Others Leadership Toolkit
    Being Authentic     Managing Change
    Emotional and Cultural Intelligence     Leading Remote Teams
    Humility     Making Deals
    Delegation and Empowerment     Facilitating Results
    The Four Types Of Leader     Leading by Example
    Active Shooter     Promoting Talent
    Motivating Others
Learning Essentials     Effective Meetings
    Removing the Barriers to Learning     Conflict Management
    Growth Mindset     Managers vs. Leaders
    Promoting Social Learning
    Learning and Employee Engagement Project Management Essentials
    Learning Culture in the Workplace     Closing a Project
    Learning ROI     Monitoring a Project
    Defining Learning Objectives     Executing a Project
    The Power of Microlearning     Planning a Project
    Learning Styles     Initiating a Project
    The Psychology of Learning
Project Management Applied
The Leadership Role Model     Producing Reports
    A Healthy Manager is a Good Manager     Monitoring Progress
    Knowing when you’re wrong     Managing Project Risk
    Leading with Empathy     Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
    Recognizing and Rewarding Others     Developing a Budget (Cost Estimating)
    The Power of Patience     Time Management in Projects
    Using Humor     Organizing and Motivating a Team
    Leading with Commitment     Activity and Resource Planning
    Being Positive     Project Management Methodologies Part 1
    Leading with Energy     Project Management Methodologies Part 2
    Leading with Respect and Respecting Others
Teamwork Essentials
Work Ethic     Training Millennials
    The Importance of Planning     Millennials and Technology
    Staying Motivated     Communicating with a Millennial
    Avoiding Distractions     What is a Millennial (Including Values)
    Persistence and Resilience     Celebrating Success
    Working Under Pressure     Dealing with Difficult Personalities
    Time Management     Encouraging Different Opinions
    Self-Management     Communicating Openly
    Multitasking and Being Organized     Roles and Responsibilities
    Meeting Deadlines     Building Trust and Respect
    Being Punctual     Celebrating Differences and Diversity
HR Essentials     Setting Common Goals
    HR for Non-HR Managers     The Power of Teamworking
    Flexible and Remote Working
    Employee Engagement Recruitment Essentials
    Bullying and Violence     Interview Skills
    Talent Management and Development     First Impressions
    Handling Disciplinaries     Career Planning
    Performance Management     Hiring Right, First Time
    Adapting to Innovation     Importance of Onboarding
    The Importance of Training
Diversity and Inclusion
    Value of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Compliance (General) Essentials
    Becoming an Inclusive Leader     Conflict of Interest
    Confronting Discrimination     Whistleblowing
    Digital Accessibility     Code of Conduct – Working Well with Everyone
    Types of Discrimination     Anti-Money Laundering
    LGBTQ+ Awareness and Inclusion     Anti-Bribery Practices
    Gender Inclusion     Drug and Alcohol Abuse
    Recognizing Your Privilege     Fire Safety Awareness
    Unconscious Bias     Sexual Harassment
    The Key Values of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion     Equality and Diversity

Below Are Some Publicly Available Content Pieces We Thought We Would Share

Software and Applications

Learning content in a variety of applications widely used in professional workplaces

Microsoft Office

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Workplace Relations

Human Resources! At the heart of every organization are the poeple that collectively make up the whole. WIth that comes interactions that carry potential for conflict. From gender to culture, the differences tht make us all unique can present stress, alienation, violation of individual liberty, and more. Here we hope to share resources to assure that all members of organizations are aware and vigilant of the many dangers in Professional interactions and how to navigate in healthy and compliant ways.

Introduction to Diversity and Diversity Management

Unconscious bias: Stereotypical hiring practices

From Difference to Distance: Rethinking Diversity and Inclusion

Process Improvement

The saying goes there is always room for improvement. Every true Professional continually seeks to be a better Professional. Elevating effectiveness, adapting to change, and operating at the highest level of achievement is the engine of success. Here we share content that we have compiled and reviewed for the quality of its content. We hope it helps you!

The Basics of Good Project Management

Best Practices in Project Management: Coping with Conflict